Mission-based technology solutions for Defense and Homeland Security

We stay true to our core values: Service to the Customer Above All Else, Care for Our Employees Always, and Socially and Ethically Responsible. We apply vigorous health and safety measures to protect our employees and partners, while remaining fully operational for our customers. We monitor the latest pandemic news, and continue to support local community-based agencies, such as food banks, to help ease the strain on local families. Our longstanding Continuity of Operations Plans allow us to continue to support our customers without interruption. We restrict employee travel, maintain physical separation between personnel, follow all public health and safety guidance, and conduct work using a highly secure mobile and digital infrastructure. Wherever customer missions allow it, our employees telework remotely with the corporate resources and support they need to excel.

As always, 3Vesta is committed to providing you with the best experience possible, during and beyond difficult times. We value our employees, customers, partners, and the communities we serve – and we thank you for your support, partnership, and sacrifice.

CERTS Strip 2021

3Vesta’s Commitment to You – During the COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) Pandemic and Beyond

3Vesta remains fully committed to our employees, customers, partners, and the communities we serve, during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) crisis and beyond.